LEE VERVOORT - SAG elig.
                               VALID PASSPORT
Height: 6'2"                                                                    Represented by: Talent Trek                     
Weight: 205                                                         
Hair: mixed blonde                                                         615-279-0010 office
Eyes: Green                                                                   Actors Access resume:
Build: average                                                                 
The Truck                                    Cpt. Leadfoot                 Riley Hollow Films
Revelation Trail                            Dr. Morris                      Living End Productions
Last Kind Words                          Joe                                Brainwave
The Lashman                              Leathersmith                  RHR Pictures
Gun Town                                    Frank Bailey Sr./Jake     L.A.V. Pictures
Prologue                                      Clint                               Watkins school/Mike White
My Neighbors are Crazy             Don Johnson                  Watkins school/Matt Pfingsten
Junkyard Dog                              FBI Agent                       Bass Entertainment
A.K.A. Game Show Pilot            John Rose                      Stagepost Productions
Two Halves of Man                     collector                          Scratch 24 Productions
Open Fist                                    Bartender                        Facehead Productions
Pie or No Pie                              Network Boss                  SHV Productions
The Six Dollar Man                     Cop                                 F3 Films
Tennessee                                  Bar Patron                       Lee Daniels Entertainment
Wolfboy                                      Lenny                              Morggy/Diego Productions
Bernee                                       Jackie Roy                       F3 Films
Shattered                                   party patron                     Somerville Ent.                          Johnson                          High Society Productions
The Work and the Glory            Townsperson                   Vineyard Productions
Nashville                                   Cop                                  ABC/Lionsgate

Ford                                           Patron                             Ogilvy&Mather Productions
U.S. Army                                  Baseball Player               Filmhouse Prod.
Good Year                                 Landscaper                     Pirahna Pictures
Hamburger Helper                    construction worker         Sandwick Productions
Ashton Shepherd / Interactive video / Look It Up             Cheating Husband
Craig Campbell / Family Man                                           Father/Husband
Darryl Worley / Sounds Like Life to Me                            Johnny Ray
The Derailers / Who's Gonna Mow You're Grass             variety show host 
Britt Nicole / Believe                                                         angry husband

The Truck                          Riley Hollow Films                writer/producer/director/stunt coordinator
The Lashman                     RHR Pictures                       Co-Producer
Gun Town                          L.A.V. Pictures                      writer,producer,director/stunt coordinator/lead
Junkyard Dog                    Bass Entertainment              Key Set P.A.
Kill Speed                          Bass Entertainment              Key Set P.A.
Fresh Air                           3 O'Clock Productions           Stunt Driver
Fire From Below               A. Stevens Ent.                      Stunt Double for Kevin Sorbo
Willing to undergo prosthetic/make-up, Various Hairstyles, Basic Swimming, Bowling, Firearms,
Whistling, Motorcycle riding, Horseback, Driving skills, Improvisation, Voice Over, Character Voices,
Teleprompter, Stunts, construction/handyman work